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Стефано Модена

Modena, Stefano

Стефано Модена / Modena, Stefano

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Ф1: 1987-1992

Стефано Модена / Modena, Stefano - 1987-1992




1987Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT56
Brabham BT56
1988Euro Brun RacingEuro Brun ER-188
Euro Brun ER-188
1989Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT58
Brabham BT58
1990Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT58
Brabham BT58
Brabham BT59
Brabham BT59
1991Braun Tyrrell HondaTyrrell 020
Tyrrell 020
1992Sasol Jordan YamahaJordan 192
Jordan 192

Modena had served notice in karting that he was a man to watch, and when he finally got into Formula 3 he was soon a front-runner, taking fourth place in the Italian championship in 1986, impressing the F1 fraternity with a superb second place in the Monaco Grand Prix support race, and earning the title of 'European Champion' after victory in the one-off meeting at Imola.

Now with substantial backing, Modena moved straight into F3000 with the Onyx team and he took the championship at the first attempt, winning three races (at Vallelunga, Birmingham and Imola), but it was the way he went about the whole business that marked him as a special talent.

Much was expected of the tousled-haired Italian when he entered Grand Prix racing but after an end-of-season ride with Brabham he was forced to endure a discouraging learning year in 1988 with the uncompetitive EuroBrun before being given a chance to really show what he could do with Brabham in 1989.

He finished in third place at Monaco, but the team lacked the financial resources to progress, and Stefano then marked time until 1991 when he moved to a Tyrrell team newly equipped with Honda power. Things started well with yet another superb display at Monaco, which ended with a broken engine when he lay second behind Senna, and then second place in the next race in Canada, but as the season wore on Modena seemed to lose heart too easily.

It was some surprise when he was signed to drive the Jordan-Yamaha in 1992, and it was to be a troubled season for the team which found the enigmatic Italian temperamentally unsuited to the situation. He scored a point in the last race of the year but was consigned to the wilderness for 1993, racing a BMW in the Italian touring car championship.

All was not lost for Modena, however, his excellent form in the Alfa Romeo T155 during the early part of 1994 gaining the Superturismo driver a passport to the higher-profile DTM late on in the season. He made a sensational debut at AVUS, qualifying third and winning both heats, thoroughly eclipsing the established Alfa aces. Naturally, in light of his drives in the series' final three rounds, Stefano was signed to race for a full DTM/ITC season with hopes high for even greater success. In reality 1995 saw Alfa lost in a technical mire, and in common with his colleagues Modena generally had to play second fiddle to both Mercedes and Opel.

Subsequently Modena, who had harboured hopes of gaining a ride in CART, has been a mainstay of the German Super Touring championship. The 1997 season with the ageing Alfa 155 was a disaster and the arrival of the 156 model the following year rarely allowed him to finish in the top ten, but 1999 saw an upturn in the Italian's fortunes as the 156 at last became a competitive proposition.

(c) 'Who is Who' by Steve Small, 2000

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