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Гонщики, G

Курсивом отмечены гонщики,
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Оливье Груйяр

Grouillard, Olivier

Оливье Груйяр / Grouillard, Olivier

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Фенолье, Тулуза, Франция

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Ф1: 1989-1992

Оливье Груйяр / Grouillard, Olivier - 1989-1992




1989Ligier LotoLigier JS33
Ligier JS33
1990Fondmetal OsellaOsella FA1M
Osella FA1M
Osella FA1M-E
Osella FA1M-E
1991Automobiles Gonfaronaises SportivesAGS JH27
Fondmetal F1 SpAFomet F1
Fomet F1
Fomet FA1M-E
Fomet FA1M-E
1992Tyrrell Racing OrganisationTyrrell 020B
Tyrrell 020B

Even from his earliest days in French Formula 3 Grouillard developed something of a reputation as a wild and uncompromising performer. After finishing fourth in the 1983 series, he graduated to the all-conquering Marlboro-backed ORECA team the following year and swept to the title as was the established custom for the chosen incumbent, though it was a close-run thing, Grouillard edging out his rival Frédéric Delavallade by just two points, 108 to 106.

Rustling up enough budget for half a season in F3000 with ORECA in 1985, Grouillard made a good impression, coming close to a win at Enna. It was much the same the following year, when he was able to take part in only four races; he could have won at Mugello but made a mistake and ended up in fourth place. Back with ORECA again in 1987 he showed speed, but was rather overshadowed by team-mate Dalmas, who was on a somewhat quicker path to Formula 1. But Olivier was nothing if not persistent, and for 1988 he got himself into the well-funded GDBA team, running works-backed Lolas. He finished runner-up to Roberto Moreno, winning two races and putting in some superb performances.

At last Grouillard found himself in Formula 1 with Ligier, but after a bright start relations between the tempestuous youngster and his volcanic proprietor broke down and the driver was forced to seek alternative employment with Osella. The next two seasons were spent trying to qualify for races above all else, and after the briefest of flirtations with the almost extinct AGS team the future looked bleak.

Once again Grouillard dug himself out of a corner, finding the cash to join the underfinanced Tyrrell team. Freed from the perils of qualifying, he had a car that at the very least he could go racing with, but Olivier was overwhelmingly outperformed by team-mate Andrea de Cesaris and succeeded only in attracting criticism for his bad track manners when being lapped.

For 1993 Grouillard took himself off to the States for a full season of Indy Car racing but failed completely to make a worthwhile impression, finishing 28th in the points standings.

The Frenchman returned to Europe in 1994 and scratched around for a suitable ride. He competed at Le Mans in a Venturi 600LM and saw a huge upturn in his fortunes in GT racing. Having split with Giroix Racing in mid-1995 to join Dave Price, he finished the year with three straight wins at Silverstone, Nogaro and Zhuhai in China, sharing a Harrods-backed McLaren F1 GTR with Andy Wallace. The team stayed together for 1996 and more good top-six finishes were achieved, although there was only one outright win (at Silverstone).

In 1997 Grouillard took the opportunity to race a works Toyota Supra in the All-Japan GT championship, and partnered the Andrettis, father and son, in their unsuccessful attempt to win the Le Mans 24-hour race with the Courage C36-Porsche.

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