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Тим Шенкен

Schenken, Tim

Тим Шенкен / Schenken, Tim

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Гордон, Сидней, Новый Южный Уэльс

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Ф1: 1970-1974

Тим Шенкен / Schenken, Tim - 1970-1974




1970Frank Williams Racing CarsDe Tomaso 505
De Tomaso 505
1971Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT33
Brabham BT33
1972Team SurteesSurtees TS14
Surtees TS14
Brooke Bond Oxo Racing/Rob Walker TeamSurtees TS9B
Surtees TS9B
Flame Out Team SurteesSurtees TS9B
Surtees TS9B
Team SurteesSurtees TS9B
Surtees TS9B
1973Frank Williams Racing CarsIso Marlboro IR
Iso Marlboro IR
1974John Player Team LotusLotus 76
Lotus 76
Trojan-Tauranac RacingTrojan T103
Trojan T103

With 42 wins in Formula Ford and a Grovewood Award in 1968, Tim Schenken was obviously a man to watch, and in 1969 he continued the good work in Rodney Bloor's Sports Motors Formula 3 Brabham at home and abroad, winning the French Craven A title.

For 1970 Tim and the Sports Motors team took the step up to Formula 2 and had an up-and-down season, the best results being second at Paul Ricard, and third at Pau and Mantorp Park. Schenken also made his Grand Prix debut, coming into a Williams team still reeling from the loss of Piers Courage, but he could do nothing with the de Tomaso.

The following season he appeared to have made the big breakthrough. Signed as number two to Graham Hill in the Brabham team, Tim was restricted to the old BT33 (possibly an advantage, as it was an easier car to set up than the 'lobster-claw' BT34) but overshadowed the former World Champion for much of the year. Schenken's two points finishes were not really just reward for his efforts, though in non-title races he took third place in the International Trophy and fourth in the Race of Champions.

In 1972 he made what turned out to be the biggest mistake of his career, joining Team Surtees for a season which effectively sabotaged his long-term Grand Prix ambitions. There was some solace, for he had been leading the Rondel Formula 2 outfit with distinction and was invited to join the Ferrari sports car team, for whom he scored a win in the Buenos Aires 1000 Km and the Nürburgring 1000 Km in addition to four second places, all paired with Peterson.

After ambitious plans to race a Formula 1 Rondel failed to materialise in 1973 and the Trojan project with his old Brabham boss Ron Tauranac turned into an embarrassing failure in 1974, poor Tim must have thought things couldn't get worse, but they did when he was invited to handle a Lotus 76 in the 1974 US GP and found the car almost undriveable, his one race for the Hethel team ending in non-qualification.

Schenken then embarked on a programme of sports car and GT racing for George Loos, racing his stable of Porsches during 1975-77 and winning the Nürburgring 1000 Km with Hezemans and Stommelen in 1977. Tim also shared the Jaguar XJ12C with John Fitzpatrick in the 1977 European GT championship, before retiring to concentrate on his Tiga racing car business with partner Howden Ganley. Tim now represents the Australian motor sport federation and acts as clerk of the course for the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

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